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Declarations by Christopher B. Goodwin

It is not fight, flight or freeze.
Relax, accept, and bless.

I am an Eternal, Creative, Loving,
Sovereign Being.

Perfect Love permeate everywhere I go:
and Goodness, Peace, Calm, and Safety.

I choose things that work towards my joy
and enjoyment, remembering my True Self.

Goodness, Peace, Calm and Safety
surround me.

Perfect Love is within me.

Enjoyment and Joy are mine.

I will be my True Self, no matter what.
I be True Self.
Self True be I.

I refuse to be subject to any type of
oppression, slavery, or lack.

I choose Perfect Love, Ability, and Abundance.
I refuse subjection.
I choose Ability, and Abundance, and Tranquility.

Notice what harmonizes with your vibration.
Notice what interferes with your frequency.
Honor your mana.

False beings revealed as such
and not be able to deceive.
Enslaved beings released.
Damaged beings given the tools
for their building up.
All beings light so shine
so as to affirm True Self.

I see myself able to do things that benefit self and others
and others as having the same ability.
I see myself able to not harm self or others
and others as having the same ability.
I see myself as free of beings that interfere with my
self realization, and others as having the same freedom.

I take back any power or part of me, that was
taken, in any way, at any time, and reintegrate
it into myself.
I give back any power or part of others, I may
have taken; anywhere, anytime, and see them
made whole.

I possess power.
I respect myself.
I see myself as being capable.
I see myself as being whole.

I choose to be unpredictable, and free.
I am unpredictable, and free.
Free and unpredictable am I.

Do no abuse,
but take no abuse.

I choose to realize in the present moment
what gives desired results and what does not.
I am in alignment with my Sacred Self.

I am in fellowship with positive beings
manifesting realities where integrity matters:
Where what is good and works
for reasonable beings is practiced,
and what is bad and exploits beings is avoided.

What works, increase.
What is sustainable, increase.
What fosters creativity, increase.
What brings joy, increase.
What is pure and good, increase.

What is truly pure and good, brings joy, fosters creativity,
is sustainable and works; respecting the freewill of reasonable
beings, for the mutual enrichment of the participants,
that I put my energy into.

I choose to be my True Self, and to have my Highest Good.
And to walk in Friendship with God.

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