Lord God Almighty of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of their just seed,
which madest heaven and earth, with all the adorning of those,
which hast marked the sea by the word of thy commandment, which hast (en)closed (al)together the depth, or the deepness, of (the) waters, and hast marked them to (or hast sealed them by or with) thy fearedful and praiseable name,
which all men dread, and tremble of the cheer of thy virtue, (whom all men fear, and tremble at the face of thy power, or before thy power,)
and the wrath, or the ire, of thy menacing on sinners is unsufferable, either may not be sustained.
Soothly the mercy of thy promise is full great and unsearchable, either may not be comprehended by man’s wit (or cannot be comprehended by one’s understanding);
for thou art the Lord most high over all (the) earth; thou art patient, or long-abiding, and much merciful, and doing penance, or repenting, on the malices of men. Truly, Lord, by thy goodness thou hast promised penance of forgiveness of sins, that is, forgiving of sins for (the) repenting of men;
and thou, Lord, that art God of just men, hast not set penance to just men, (as) to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, (yea), to them that sinned not against thee, (but thou hast appointed repentance unto me that am a sinner). (and thou, Lord, who art God of the just, hast not set penance for the just, for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, yea, for those who sinned not against thee, but thou hast appointed repentance unto me, who is a sinner.)
For I have sinned more than the number is of the gravel of the sea;
10 my wickednesses be multiplied. I am bowed (down) with much bond(s), (or with many bands), of iron, and no breathing is to me; for I have stirred thy wrathfulness, and I have done evil before thee, and I have set (up) abominations, and I have multiplied offensions (or offences).
11 And now, I bow the knees of mine heart, and beseech goodness of (or from) thee, Lord.
12 I have sinned, Lord; I have sinned, and I acknowledge my wickedness.
13 I ask, and I pray thee, Lord; forgive thou to me, forgive thou to me; lose (or destroy) thou me not (al)together with my wickednesses, neither reserve thou evils to me without end (or forever).
14 For, Lord, by thy great mercy thou shalt save me (who is) unworthy, and I shall praise thee ever(more) in all the days of my life; for all the virtue, that is, all those orders of angels, of heavens praiseth thee (or for all the powers of the heavens praise thee), and to thee is glory into worlds of worlds. Amen.