Paul, the servant of Jesus Christ, called an apostle, separated into the gospel of God, (or set apart for the Gospel, or the Good News, of God);
which he had promised before by his prophets in (the) holy scriptures
of his Son, which is made to him of the seed of David by the flesh, [of his Son, the which is made of the seed of David after the flesh,](of his Son, who was made for him from the seed of David by the flesh,)
and he was before-ordained, [or predestined by grace], the Son of God in virtue, by the Spirit of hallowing of the again-rising of dead men, of Jesus Christ our Lord, (and he was predestined by grace the Son of God in power, by the Spirit, by the consecrating of the resurrection from the dead, yea, Jesus Christ our Lord,)
by whom we have received grace and the office of apostle, [or apostlehood], to obey to the faith in all folks, for his name, (or to lead to the faith in his name those in all nations and peoples),
among which ye be also called of Jesus Christ,
to all that be at Rome, darlings [or the (be)loved] of God, and called holy, grace [be] to you, and (the) peace of God our Father, and of the Lord Jesus Christ.
First I do thankings to my God (or First I give thanks to my God), by Jesus Christ, for all (of) you, for your faith is showed in all the world.
For God is a witness to me, to whom I serve in my spirit, in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing I make mind of you (for)ever[more] in my prayers, (For God is my witness, to whom I serve in my spirit, in the Gospel, or the Good News, of his Son, so that without ceasing I always remember you in my prayers,)
10 and beseech [or praying], if in any manner sometime I have a speedy way in the will of God to come to you.
11 For I desire to see you, to (im)part somewhat to you of spiritual grace [or that I give to you something of spiritual grace], (so) that ye be confirmed,
12 that is, to be comforted together in you (or to be strengthened by you), by [that] faith that is both yours and mine together.
13 And, brethren, I will not, that ye not know, that oft I purposed to come to you, and I am hindered till this time, that I have some fruit in you, as in other folks. (And brothers, I do not desire, that ye do not know, that I often planned to come to you, but I am hindered until this time, so that I can have some fruit in you, as I have in other nations and peoples.)
14 To Greeks and to barbarians, to wise men and to unwise men, I am (a) debtor,
15 so that that is in me is ready to preach the gospel [or to evangelize] also to you that be at Rome.
16 For I shame not the gospel, for it is the virtue of God into health, to each man that believeth, to the Jew first, and to the Greek. (For I am not ashamed of the Gospel or the Good News, for it is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone who believeth, to the Jew first, and to the Greek.)
17 For the rightwiseness of God is showed in it, of faith into faith, as it is written, For a just man liveth of faith.
18 For the wrath of God is showed from heaven on all unpiety and wickedness [or unrightwiseness] of those men, that withhold [or that hold aback] the truth of God in unrightwiseness.
19 For that thing of God that is known, is showed [or is made open] to them, for God hath showed (it) to them.
20 For the invisible things of him, that be understood, be beheld of the creature of the world (or be seen from the creation of the world), by those things that be made, yea, and the everlasting virtue of him (or and his eternal power), and the Godhead, so that they may not be excused [or they be unexcusable].
21 For when they had known God, they glorified him not as God, neither did thankings (or nor gave thanks); but they vanished in their thoughts, and the unwise heart of them was darked [or made dark].
22 For they saying that themselves were wise, they were made fools.
23 And they (ex)changed the glory of (the) uncorruptible God into the likeness of an image of a deadly [or a corruptible] man, and of birds, and of four-footed beasts, and of serpents. (And they exchanged the glory of the incorruptible or the immortal God, for the likeness of an image of a mortal man, and those of birds, and of four-footed beasts, and of serpents.)
24 For which thing God betook them into the desires of their heart (or For which thing God delivered them unto the desires of their hearts), into uncleanness, (so) that they punish with wrongs their bodies in themselves.
25 The which [men] changed the truth of God into leasing (or into lying), and praised and served a creature rather than the Creator, that is blessed into worlds of worlds [or into without end]. Amen. (And these men changed the truth of God into lies, and praised and served creatures, or the Creation, rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever and ever. Amen.)
26 Therefore God betook them into (the) passions of shame [or of evil fame]. For the women of them changed the natural use into that use that is against kind. (And so God delivered them unto their shameless passions. And their women changed from the natural use, or the natural way, to that way that is against nature.)
27 Also the men forsook the kindly use of women, and burned in their desires together, and men into men wrought filthhood, and received into themselves the meed that behooved (them) of their error. (And the men gave up the natural use of women, and burned in their desires for one another, and men with men wrought filthhood, and received unto themselves the reward that they deserved for their error.)
28 And as they proved that they had not God in knowing, God betook them into a reprovable wit, that they do those things that be not covenable; (And as they proved that they did not have true knowledge of God, God delivered them unto their corrupted minds, or their corrupted way of thinking, so that they do those things that be not suitable;)
29 that they be full-filled with all wickedness (or so that they be filled full with all wickedness), malice, fornication, covetousness, waywardness, full of envy, manslayings, strife, guile, evil will,
30 privy backbiters, detractors, hateful to God, debaters [or despisers], proud, and high over-measure, finders of evil things, not obedient to father and mother,
31 unwise, unmannerly, without love [or without affection], without (a) bond of peace, without mercy.
32 The which when they had known the rightwiseness of God, understood not, that they that do such things be worthy (of) the death, not only they that do those things (or not only they who do such things), but also they that consent to the doers.